6 great reasons to set up a ‘Just the Thing’ gift list

  1. The polite and simple way to ask for money instead of traditional gifts.
    • Create a gift list inluding the things you really want. Department store items, honeymoon wishes, contributions towards large items or charity donations; you really can register anything.
    • Receive your gifts as cash giving you flexibility to buy things when and where you choose or shop around for the best deals online.
    • Best of all, it looks just like a traditional gift list allowing guests to make contributions toward ‘real’ items. Our research shows that guests would rather contribute toward a specific item, particularly if it is a special keepsake for the couple.
  2. Quick and easy set up and management.
    • Set up time is approximately 3-4 minutes and your website is ready to go.
    • Edit and add items any time, 24hrs a day
    • Our user-friendly editing suite is clear and simple to use. Even a complete novice can create a stunning and professional website in minutes.
    • Helpful how-to articles with step-by-step instructions for additional support.
    • Our customer services are just an email or phone call away for support or advice. We’re always happy to help with your website; uploading photos, adding text or inputting
  3. No more unwanted gifts.
    • Never receive an unwanted gift again. Your gift list has been designed by you so you’ll never have to worry about unwanted china or strange ornaments again.
    • Avoid duplicate wedding presents. As soon as something is purchased from your gift list, it cannot be purchased again.
    • Never have to go through the embarrassment of having to exchange a gift again.
    • No restrictions on what you can register from big department store items to something special from your favourite local boutique. Even items from small stores who may not offer gift lists or have even have their own website can be included.
    • Register anything - contributions toward a deposit for a new home or let your friends & family buy you that loft extension, new kitchen or finance further study. Your online gift list can include anything you want.
  4. 24hr access to your money.
    • Email updates every time a purchase is made from your gift list.
    • View and manage your money any time and from anywhere in the world.
    • Request funds anytime, 24hrs a day leading up to or after the big day.
    • Money transfers are free and unlimited.
  5. Save Time & Money:
    • Your guests can make their purchases online, anytime 24hrs a day without having to travel to special stores or locations to find a gift.
    • No credit card or delivery fees.
    • As soon as items are purchased, the money is yours to do with what you wish.
    • No longer stuck waiting for department store gift lists to close, only to find out that they no longer stock the dinner set you originally registered eight weeks ago.
  6. You’re the boss
    • Spend your money where and how you choose; you’re never tied into preferred suppliers or partners/sponsors - if you can find a better deal on that perfect toaster, that leaves you more money to spend on additional items.
    • View & edit your website & online gift list from anywhere in the world, any time of day.
    • Add to, edit or delete items from your gift list as often as you like leading up to the big day.

Why use us over the competition?

  1. Established & experienced industry experts - We are an experienced and well established company, set up in 2006 giving us years of experience in working with couples & singles on setting up and managing their online gift registries.
  2. UK Registered & regulated – Just the Thing is a UK based, registered & regulated company. Your money will never leave the country and you can access it any time, 24hrs a day. Many of our competitors are new start-ups, unregistered or not even based in the UK. What protection do you have if they abscond with your wedding funds? How safe or accessible is your money if it’s hidden away in a Spanish or Australian bank? Sadly, if a company is not registered or based in the UK then they are not subject to UK law leaving you with absolutely no legal protection should they decide to abscond with your wedding funds.
  3. FSA regulated & protected – We hold your wedding funds in a protected and dedicated client account with Lloyds TSB of London. We guarantee that your money is 100% safe and accessible. Your money is protected by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) Read more here: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pubs/consumer_info/deposit-protection-fscs.pdf. Most of our competitors are actually based abroad in Spain, USA or Australia. If your money is not in the country, then it is not protected by the British Financial Services Authority.
  4. No set up costs or subscriptions fees – Other companies will charge set up fees of up to £250, or wait until you have created your site before hitting you with monthly ‘subscription’ fees of up to £20 per month. If, like most of our customers, you’re setting up a website to coincide with your ‘Save-the-date’ cards, this can work out to be very expensive indeed. Just the Thing websites are free and if you decide not to have a wedding gift list with us, they’re still free.
  5. International payments & access – Your guests can make their purchase from any country in the world and in any currency offering you freedom and flexibility. We are the perfect solution for couples marrying abroad. Your gifts can be transferred directly into your UK bank account to save you having to carry gifts home again from your wedding abroad.
  6. Advertising free websites – We believe your website should be your own and will never sell advertising space on your wedding website or gift list. Other companies make money by selling advertising space on couples’ websites and even worse, they don’t tell them until it’s too late! With ‘Just the Thing; your website content is controlled by you.
  7. Privacy & protection – With Just the Thing, your details are 100% secure. Other companies make their money by selling your details on to other wedding suppliers. Ever wondered why, soon after your engagement, you begin receiving offers for wedding cars & photography from companies you’ve never heard of? It is because companies are selling your details! With Just the Thing, your details, and your guests’ details are 100% secure and private; they will never be sold or passed on to third parties.
  8. Stunning websites - Other companies only offer poorly designed or unattractive lists of gifts; with JTT you get an entire wedding website, not just a gift list. Pick a theme to match your wedding colours or stationery. Invite your guests to visit your website regularly for details and updates about the Big Day or keep a planning journal for loved ones to read.
  9. No restrictions or limited access – other companies may offer you a ‘free’ service to get you to sign up, but then charge a premium any time you want to add a webpage, upload a photo or create a map to your event. Our tools are all free and available to everyone; you can add as many photos, videos, maps or web pages as you need for no additional cost.
  10. Free online extras – You’ll have unlimited access to great tools like interactive maps, video messaging, unlimited photo galleries, unlimited additional website pages, group emailing & automated address book to keep track of guests’ details for when you come to write thank-you cards.
  11. No partners or affiliates – We believe your money should be yours to use however you like. We will never tell you where to shop or who to book with. Other companies make their money by tying you into using their partner or affiliate companies. Just the Thing will never tell you who to use to book your honeymoon, nor will we restrict you to only buying from partner sites. Your money is yours to use when and where you wish.
  12. No time limits – Some companies will delete your website a few days after the big event. At Just the Thing, we know that guests will keep buying presents up to 4 weeks after the big day so we keep your list/website live for as long as you need.
  13. We know what we’re talking about We manage thousands of gift lists every year so we know what we’re talking about and can offer you plenty of help and advice with your online gift list & website.
  14. We’re here to help - Our customer services are second to none. We are based in the UK and keep UK office hours. Best of all, you will always get a REAL person on the end of the phone to help you. Most of our competitors are based abroad; what good is this when you need help or advice? Do you need help uploading photos or setting locations for your interactive maps? We do lots of work behind the scenes for our couples & customers.
  15. Free telephone & postal orders - Telephone and mail orders for guests who can’t use the internet.
  16. Free money transfers – With Just the Thing, you can request funds from your gift fund as often as you like for free. Other companies wait until you sign up before telling you than money transfers incur fees of up to £39 per transfer!
  17. No hidden costs – Many of our competitors claim to offer a ‘free’ service, and then hide additional costs in their T&Cs such as: transfer fees, hosting fees or worst of all, credit/card or purchase fees for your guests (which they may never actually tell you about!). We think this is dishonest and deplorable; our admin fee includes everything and neither you nor your guests will ever be stung with hidden fees.
  18. Low cost & transparent fees – We offer a low-cost, comprehensive online service. Our fee is flexible and can be deducted from the balance of your gift account OR, select the option to have guests pay it for you and it will be covered by a discrete addition to the price of each gift. Our admin fee is 7.5% which works out at much less than the typical costs for gift wrap and a card alone. For this reason, most of our clients opt to have their admin fee paid by their guests as a discrete additional cost to the price of each gift. This means that our service costs you nothing at all.

Price comparison for a typical £20 gift: Just the Thing vs Debenhams

Company Fee Structure Gift Wrap & Card Delivery Fees Credit Card Processing Payment Transfer Fees Actual Costs
Just the Thing 7.5% Free Free Free Free £1.50 (or free)
Debenhams “Free” £2.50+ £3.75 (approx) £3.99 3% = .60p N/A £10.84

Our fee offers the best value online. You get much more than just a gift list including:

  1. A fully managed & maintained gift list
  2. Access to your money 24hrs a day
  3. Stylish website themes to suit your event
  4. Video messaging
  5. Interactive maps
  6. Unlimited picture galleries
  7. Unlimited website pages
  8. Integrated address book & guest emailing tools
  9. 100% safety with a credit/debit card secure payment provider
  10. Customer service & support for you and your guests
  11. No hidden costs for you or your guests

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