Creating you online gift list is an easy as 1-2-3!

  1. 1. Create

    Creating a birthday gift list couldn’t be easier. Register absolutely anything you desire from gap-year essentials to spa day’s out.

  2. 2. Share

    Share your birthday gift registry with family and friends via social networking links or regular group email updates.

  3. 3. Receive

    Receive your birthday gifts as cash transferred straight into your bank account giving you the power to purchase items whenever and wherever you choose. It really is that simple.

Just the Thing is the stress-free way to build and manage the perfect online gift registry for your birthday. It is easy to use, fast and secure.

There are no set-up fees so give it a go today. It only takes a few clicks to build your own unique birthday registry. Register any gift you desire and keep everything in one convenient place. It's a great way for loved ones to find you the perfect gift. Guests can visit your birthday gift list any time, 24hrs a day and make their purchase in any currency.

And that’s not all! Just the Thing party websites are a great way to keep your guests, near and far, up-to-date with details of your big day. Our website builder is free and easy to use. Customise your gift list to match your birthday party invites or create a unique look to capture the feel of your special day.

Stuck for birthday gift ideas? Use one of our pre-made packages to get your gift list started then edit items as much as you like.

Upload as many pictures, maps and videos as you like to share with your loved ones. Your birthday website & online gift registry, your way!

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You can build a website to match your wedding colours using one of our many stylish themes.

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Setup a list for a friend

Having a surprise birthday party or collecting for a colleague’s retirement?

Why not set up a gift list and celebration website for them?

What our customers say

“We loved our Wedding website. We kept family from all over the world up to date with our wedding plans.”

“My website helped me to plan the perfect 18th Birthday party! The gift registry was the perfect way to list all the gifts I needed for my gap year!”

“Our Civil Union site allowed us to combine the few items we really needed with some charity donations we wanted.”