Asking for Money as a Wedding Gift

Is there a polite way to ask for money instead of traditional wedding gifts?

Once upon a time, a newly married couple needed wedding gifts and bridal showers to set up their new home. But in today's culture, with the average couple waiting until their late twenties to mid thirties to marry, most people have already established (or combined) households before they get married.   

The truth is, that we just don’t need (nor have room for) those traditional toasters, vases, candy dishes and place settings that our mothers gleefully listed for their wedding day.

In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions is simply “How do we ask for money instead of traditional gifts for our wedding?”

Is there really any surprise? Most couples tying the knot in  the twenty-first century are trying to pay for their wedding themselves, and the idea of money for a honeymoon, home deposit or a new-baby fund is a lot more appealing than a second (or third!) toaster. So what is the polite way of asking for money instead of wedding gifts? wedding websites and gift lists are designed to take the ‘cringe’ out of asking for money for your wedding.  Your gift list will look just like a traditional list with beautiful items (selected or designed by you) for guests to purchase.  As items are bought, the money will be deposited directly into your Gift Account ready for you to withdraw any time you like, 24hrs a day. provides you with MUCH more than just an online gift list.

Our beautifully designed FREE wedding websites are a valuable hub of information for your guests providing video messaging, interactive maps, guest books and unlimited photo galleries.

Just starting out?  Why not set your wedding website homepage as a “Save the Date” page for your wedding guests.  Forward your unique website address to friends and family as soon as you’re ready.  That way, when loved ones are looking for gift ideas, they only need click on your “Gift List” page.  Much easier and more polite than asking for cold hard cash!

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