Top 15 Gift List Items for 2014


When brides & grooms sit down to the happy task of building their dream gift list, a blank computer screen can sometimes leave them baffled – “Where do we begin?” 


With 1000s lovely brides & grooms preparing to tie the knot this year, we've been inundated with cash gift list inspiration.  We’ve scoured our favourite wedding websites to bring you the highlights of what’s hot in gift lists this year.  


Here's our compilation of the 15 most popular gift list items Just the Thing couples are requesting for their 2014 weddings.  We hope it gives you plenty of inspiration for starting your own wedding gift list. 


1.   Honeymoon Flight Fund (£50 - £200)

2.   Foreign Currency to spend on honeymoon (contributions from £20 to £100)

3.   Romantic Dinner for Two (£75)

4.   Honeymooner's Breakfast in Bed (£45)

5.   Deposit for a New Home (contributions ranging from £25 to £250)

6.   Egyptian Cotton Linens (£150)

7.   Kitchen Appliances (£100)

8.   Garden Furniture (contributions from £75 to £250)

9.   Wedgwood Dinner Service (contributions ranging from £8 to £175)

10. Department Store Gift Vouchers (from £20 to £100)

11. Fund for Further Study (£25 - £500)

12. Home Improvement/Extension Fund (contributions from £50 - £500)

13. Couple’s Spa Day (£80)

14. Donation to Our Favourite Charity (£5 - £10)

15. New Baby Fund (contributions from £25 - £200)


And don’t forget, if you get gift-list-writer’s block, you can always kick-start your cash gift list with one of our ready-made packages.  Just click on a package to add 8-10 ready-made items to your gift list.  Everything can be edited to personalise your gift list.


As gift list items are snapped up by your wedding guests, all of the money goes straight to you so you can shop around for the best prices or deals at your convenience.  Savvy shoppers will find that their wedding money can be stretched even further by hitting the sales, Amazon, or even ebay for giftlist items.

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