Your Wedding List is 100% Secure with Just the Thing


In light of the recent BBCGuardian,  Times  and ITV news coverage of's financial difficulties, we felt it prudent to explain why this situation will never happen to you with Just the Thing Gift Registry Ltd.


While thousands of brides and grooms across the UK are attempting to close their Wrapit giftlists and claim back lost monies on their Wedding gifts, please rest assured that this will never, and can never, happen to Just the Thing clients.


Just the Thing Gift Registry operates under a business structure which holds your Giftlist Account funds in a secure and dedicated client escrow account with Lloyds TSB of London.


This means that our customers' money is accessible any time, 24hrs a day. Just the Thing's unique financial model ensures that our customers' money is never used in the day-to-day operation, promotion or marketing of the business. The end result is that your Wedding Gift-list Fund is 100% safe and 100% available to you whenever you need it.


Our thoughts go out to all of Wrapit's newly-wed customers, brides and grooms-to-be who are facing the possibility of receiving few or none of their Wedding Gifts this week. We hope that their guests are able to claim back all of the monies which may have been lost due to's financial situation and that a happy solution is found for all.


Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to phone our office on 08444 561 6639.

Alternately, if you are a bride or groom joining the migration from please feel free to have a go on our site.  Setting up a Wedding Website with us is absolutely free.  We receive great feeback from our customers and enjoy providing a comprehensive and reliable service.


On a happier note, we hope that plans for your Big Day are coming together well. Should there be anything that the Just the Thing team can do to help in anyway, please feel free to drop us a line at any time.