Cash is the new Black

Cash is the twenty-first century’s most requested Wedding Gift according to a recent surveys conducted both in the UK and USA.


Today’s brides are a far cry from those of our parent’s generation who happily requested cutlery and bed linen in preparation for the move from their parent’s home to a new husband’s.  Nowadays the average couple has already either set up their own household, or indeed combined two homes, long before waking down the isle. 


So what does this mean for the average Gift List?


Money has quickly overtaken the old favourites of crystal ware and silver as the most requested wedding present for modern Brits.  Couples would rather their guests contribute toward unforgettable honeymoons, home renovations, garden make-overs or perhaps picking up a few little luxuries from a favourite boutique.  Few couples really want a loft full of unwanted candy dishes, gravy boats and the like.


But is there a polite way to ask my guests for cash?


The answer is “Yes!”  Setting up an online Wedding List with a company like allows couples to register all of the items they’d ideally like to buy in their own personalised wedding e-shop.   Guests click on the item they’d like to buy and the happy couple receives the cash.


The service can transfer cash gifts into a couple’s account anytime leading up to or after the big day.  This allows couples the luxury of being able to plan, book and pay for things in advance, or shop around for sales and bargains at their leisure.


Listing everything from honeymoon experiences to DIY essentials lets guests see exactly where their cash will go.  Rather than disappearing into a massive wedding pool, guests will know that their contribution bought the new bathroom window, paid for a romantic honeymooner’s cruise or even bought that favourite piece of art from your local gallery!